9 Days / 8 Nights

Sarajevo – Mostar – Međugorje – Neum


Upon arrival in Sarajevo, welcome at the airport, transfer to the hotel and check inn. After check inn, meeting with the guide and presentation of the program. Free time for rest, or for individual activities. Overnight.


At 9 AM: departure for a panoramic city sightseeing. Driving a bus tour through the periphery of the city from the old town center, a circular driving through the central part of the city, visit to the museum "war tunnel", continued of visiting the Olympic mountains "Bjelašnica" and "Igman". Lunch in a mountain restaurant. Return to the city by road on the other side of the mountain Igman, tour the world famous resort “Vrela Bosne” (source of the Bosnia river) that is the pride of the city because of their distinctive attraction. Coffee break with cake. Carriage ride through a beautiful alley of deciduous trees from the “Vrelo Bosne” to “Ilidža”. At 5 PM: boarding the bus in Ilidža and continue the panoramic sightseeing - ride by a transit to the hotel. 

At 5:45 PM: free time for individual activities. Overnight.


At 9 AM: start of pedestrian tourist sightseeing with a guide. Stroll the medieval streets of the old city full of ancient man-made craft workshops, ateliers, typical Bosnian shops and visits of all major landmarks; over 40 different sites with an explanation of the history for all of them. Coffee break with cake, continued of visiting the heritages. Going to presentation of traditional Bosnian food with tasting.

At 2:30 PM: lunch at a restaurant with traditional culinary offer. After lunch, going to the famous "goldsmith's street," accompanied and assisted by a guide and mini-shopping. Free evening for individual activities. Overnight.


At 9 AM: departure to Mostar. Driving through Konjic and Jablanica. Coffee break with cake at the restaurant on "Jablanicko jezero" (Lake Jablanica). Arrival in Mostar and the beginning of the pedestrian city-sightseeing tour of all the major sights. Lunch in the restaurant next to the Neretva River with traditional food offer. After lunch departure to small place called Blagaj, the source of the Buna river, tour the religious facility Tekke near the source, a short walk through the landscape. Coffee break with cake, continue sightseeing. Back in Mostar, free time for shopping. At 7:30 PM: dinner at a restaurant with traditional music. Overnight stay in Mostar.



At 9 AM: departure to visit "Medugorje", the world famous shrine of the "Queen of Peace", walking tour of the city and other attractions. 

At 12:30 PM: lunch in the restaurant with traditional food offer. After lunch, departure to "Pocitelj" tour of the old medieval Bosnian town, which in addition to outstanding oriental architecture and Ottoman tricks, is interesting and well-known as host of the art colony with the longest tradition in southeastern Europe. Coffee break with cake. At the 5 PM: back to hotel in Mostar. Free time to rest in a hotel, or for individual activities. 

At 7 PM: departure for dinner in the restaurant with traditional cuisine and music. Overnight.



At 9 AM: departure to the tourist tour of Medugorje, visiting the town of "Ljubuski", located in the heart of Herzegovina. A short walk through Ljubuski, with a coffee break. Ljubuski is known for its abundant water and fertile land. In the written sources for the first time mentioned the name in the 1444th year. Through Ljubuski, flows river "Trebizat" with two attractive waterfalls; "Kravica" and "Kocusa". The most attractive site on "Trebizat" is "Kravica", which is a natural phenomenon under state protection as a natural rarity. The height of the falls ranging 26-28 meters, with water falls below the amphitheatre diameter of 120 meters. Over the scale-layer, from the bottom to the top of the waterfall has grown grasses, mosses and lichens. With the fall have sprouted hemps, figs and poplars. Sometimes they were active along the waterfall numerous mills and mills for rolling cloth. Certainly very, very attractive tourist destination. Walk and tour of the falls, lunch with traditional cuisine. 

At 2 PM: the voyage to the city of Neum. Check inn the hotel. Walking tour of Neum. Neum is the only coastal tourist town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built on the steep slopes of the Neum- Klek, hospitable, open the heart and soul of the Mediterranean. After the island of "Hvar" in Croatia, Neum has the highest number of sunny days per year, which gives it a mild Mediterranean climate! Neum in addition to its natural beauty and mild Mediterranean climate and rich history is preserved in old buildings and ancient olive trees in the inland town, offers its visitors a rich cultural, sport and entertainment. 

At 7:30 PM: a dinner at the hotel, free time. Overnight in hotel.



Check out in hotel, and free time. At 2:30 PM: lunch in the restaurant with traditional food offer. Return to Sarajevo with coffee breaks and dinner in Jablanica. Scheduled arrival in Sarajevo around 11 PM. Overnight in the hotel.



Departure at 9 AM: a) in small town of the Visoko and visits the Bosnian pyramids and the Regional Museum. Visit the "Valley of Bosnian Pyramids" in Visoko include: plateau in front of the "Pyramid of the Sun" (KTK parking), photo-opt, introductory part (15 minutes), visits of prehistoric complex of underground tunnels and rooms and the museum's collection "Ravne" (Straight), (45 - 60 minutes) visits of archaeological trenches on the north side of the "Pyramid of the Sun", 250 earthen stairs (90 minutes), visits the "Tumulus", stone temple in Vratnica (30 - 45 minutes), visiting the "Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon" (60-90 minutes) depending on the number of visited probes. 

At 2: 30 PM: lunch with coffee and cake in Visoko, then a short walk through the place. At 5 PM: return to Sarajevo. Free time for personal activities (walking, photography, shopping...). At 7:30 PM: meeting in front of the hotel and going to a dinner party, accompanied by a guide. Overnight. In inability to visit the "Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids", or one of its segments, due to high snow cover, we will keep walking and sightseeing in this picturesque town, go to visit the Heritage Museum. At 1 PM: lunch with coffee and cake in the center of the town of Visoko. At 2 PM, departure from Visoko to "Kraljeva Sutjeska", small town on the road from Visoko to Kakanj. Upon arrival in "Kraljeva Sutjeska", you feel like you sail through the time and return to the past. Industrial zone of Kakanj disappears as you approach this small ancient village in which there is a Franciscan monastery and church. In this village is "Dusper kuca", the oldest house in central Bosnia, and dates from the early VIII a century. House is a national monument and it is under state protection. The restoration has not been made yet, but the house is still open to the public and it is an outstanding example of authentic Bosnian architecture. "Kraljeva sutjeska" and "Bobovac" fortress were two seats of Bosnian kings and dynasties Kotromanic; Tomas and Tvrtko.

At 5:30 PM: return to Sarajevo. Free time for personal activities (walking, photography, shopping...). 

At 7:30 PM: meeting in front of the hotel and going to a dinner party, accompanied by a guide. Overnight.

DAY 09 


At 10 AM: going shopping accompanied and assisted by a guide. Coffee break with cake. At 2 PM: farewell lunch, free time until the take off the airplane. Transfer to the airport