Historical Discriptions :
Tamil Nadu's history dates back to 4000 B.C. Prehistoric tools, weapons and burial sites discovered in various parts of Tamil Nadu point to this area being one of the longest continuous habitations in India. Tamil Nadu, from early pre-historic times was ruled by three famous kingdoms namely the Pandyas, the Cheras and the Cholas. The Pallavas ruled the territory for over two centuries from 600 AD to 800 AD. They were the great temple builders and dominated the south for 150 years. The Pallava period was followed by the later Cholas who ruled the country from 9th century A.D to 13th century A.D. The art, architecture, literature and spiritualism flourished during the Chola reign. The Cholas were overthrown by the later Pandyas who ruled the region for a brief period in the early 14th century as the Khiljis invaded the south and the Pandya capital, Madurai was sacked. The Vijayanagar empire prevented the spread of the Muslim rule in south and renovated most of the temples damaged by the earlier Muslim invaders.

Tamil Nadu Cities :

Attractions in Tamilnadu : 
Karnataka invites tourists from all over the world for its rich culture and heritage along with rich flora and fauna.
» Beaches - Tamil Nadu's 900 km coastline boasts of several captivating beaches. Long stretch of golden sands, palm-casuarina groves and the gentle breeze can truly makes one spellbound. Marina, Rameshwaram, Kovalam, Elliots, Mahabalipuram, Velankanni and Kanyakumari Beach are some of the lovely beaches and are frequently visited by a large number of tourists and vacationers. 

» Hill Stations - The hill stations of Tamil Nadu offers a peaceful holiday to the tourists. The three major hill stations- Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud- promise an unforgettable vacation amidst thickly wooded slopes, waterfalls, precipitous rocky out-crops and fragrant flowers. 

» Wildlife - Tamil Nadu is renowned for its flora and fauna. Some of the prominent wildlife sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu are the Kalakadu Wildlife sanctuary in Tirunelveli, the Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tirunelveli, the Mukurthi National Park in Ooty, the Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Ooty and the Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Coimbatore. One can enjoy the sight of such wildlife species as tiger, spotted deer, wild boar, civet cat, flying squirrel, four-horned antelope, bison, panther, leopard and other rare species of resident and migratory birds in the periphery of various sanctauries loacted here.

Shopping in Tamilnadu : 
Several state-run and private emporia sell decorative articles made of sea-shells, granite and small statues carved out of soft stones. Handicrafts of different kinds such as rose-wood, sandal-wood, ivory, bronze, silver and leather are also available here. Best buys include the Kanchipuram silk sarees and the Thanjavur paintings.

Festivals of Tamilnadu : 
Tamil Nadu is a land of festivals. Umpteen festivals are observed throughout the year and most of the festivals are associated with religion and temples. Pongal is the most important festival and is celebrated with gay and enthusiasm. It is celebrated on the arrival of fresh harvest in the middle of January and is often called ‘Tamilar Thirunal'. Brahmothsavam or Chitthirai festival is another chief festival celebrated in all temples for 10 days. The Summer Festival is celebrated in hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud followed by flower and fruit shows and cultural programmes. The spectacular Dance Festival is held in the beautiful surroundings of Mamallapuram by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, bringing everlasting joy to the onlookers.