BritRail’s attractive range of passes offers great value, convenience and flexibility for exploring fascinating destinations in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. With a BritRail Pass, you have the freedom to travel as often as you want, when you want, hopping on and off trains, hassle-free. This unparalleled flexibility allows you to stay for a few more days in a particular city, or add an extra destination to your itinerary.

If you want to travel with the following benefits, then a BritRail Pass is your best fit:

  • Discover Britain beyond London
  • Hassle free travel with no lines for tickets
  • Travel on any train in the UK without having to buy additional tickets
  • Travel in peak periods, including mornings, evenings and Fridays
  • Flexibility of changing your travel plans as you go
  • Hop off at stations en route as you fancy
  • Take long journeys, such as from London to Scotland
  • Make circular tours or several shorter journeys

After considering the list of benefits it becomes clear that BritRail’s range of passes offers great value and savings. It’s truly the most convenient and economical way to explore Britain where the rail network, with over 19,000 daily train departures, allows access to 2,500 fascinating destinations in England, Scotland and Wales.