Whether this is your first Rail Europe journey or more, Rail Europe can take you where you want to be. Travel to capital cities and charming, forgotten towns where time has stood still for centuries. You can save by going second- class or travel first class all the way - with gourmet meals and private sleepers. 

Try a luxury sleeper or a more affordable couchette on long overnight train journeys. You’ll save on a night’s accommodation and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for the next day.

If you want to experience Nordic culture! Take it all in - from Norway’s scenic fjords, Finland’s Arctic adventures, Sweden’s fashionable design to Denmark’s enchanting Viking history.

With 240 000 kilometres of track, rail reaches into virtually every corner of Europe through forests, fields and mountains that just simply aren’t accessible by road.

Rail Europe offers the greatest selection of European rail products, ranging from the famous Rail Europe Global Pass that enables travellers to discover up to 20 different countries, to a large variety of National and Regional Passes for travellers wishing to concentrate on one or two countries. Also offer point to point tickets and train journey reservations for clients going from one European city to another. Eurostar (the Channel Tunnel train) and Thalys (he high-speed train running from Paris to Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne) are but two examples of the products in this range.

Rail Europe travel is for everyone: young and old. Beauty is found not just in a museum or monument. It’s also right outside your train window. Travel by train and make the European experience your own.